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Dear SB,

 Mariposa is a wonderful place and my daughter has absolutely thrived being there. She went to private home daycare for her first 2 years and then I wanted to switch her to something a little more engaging. The difference in my daughter in honestly remarkable. She is the happiest, most engaged little girl. Every morning she loves going to school, and some mornings the only way I can get her dressed is by telling her that we are going to see Tia Cenia and Tia Barbara and all her friends. We get there and she hardly remembers to kiss me goodbye because she is off and running, playing and diving right into activities. In the afternoon, she is thrilled to see me, but she runs over to Cenia and Jose to give them a big hug good night. And I haven't even mentioned the fact that she is speaking Spanish!! It is amazing how bilingual she is becoming. Today she was playing with a wooden puzzle that has animals on it. I was sitting on the couch watching her and she grabbed the horse piece and said 'horsey.....caballo'. It was honestly mind-blowing that my 2.5 year old was saying that like it was nothing.

Little Girl Smiling

 My only regret is not having started her there from the time that I had to go back to work after maternity leave. Obviously the place wasn't even open, but I'll tell you right now, I wouldn't have hesitated for a second bringing my baby to Mariposa. When we have our second, I am so excited to bring her/him there to be cared for and to get them started learning Spanish even younger! Mariposa is a place that is focused on a loving and respectful environment for children, with a solid routine and lots of educational and fun activity and play time. My home daycare never took the kids outside. At Mariposa, not only do they go outside, they do arts and crafts every day (and with the Museum of Fine Arts!), they have music and dance class (so fun!), fire drills to practice safety, they went on a field trip this October to Ward's Berry Farm to pick their own pumpkins and pet the animals, and they even had a little Thanksgiving lunch!

 As a full-time business hours working mom, some of the things I love most about Mariposa other than everything I mentioned above, is the fact that their hours of operation are amazing. I drop my daughter off at 7:45am and I am able to pick her up by 5:45pm once I get off the train from the city. It allows me to work my full day and not feel like I need to kill myself rushing to get home since they are open until 6pm. They also don't have crazy vacation schedules you need to adhere to, like most private day cares. I'm sitting here thinking a little about when I was pregnant and thinking about going back to work and my daycare options. The reason I didn't opt for a KinderCare type place was because it was too impersonal, but I loved how flexible their hours and days off were. I wanted my baby to go to a loving place that felt more 'homey'. So I choose a private home daycare and had to put up with all the days off and vacations, early closing hour (5pm), etc. Don't get me wrong, it was exactly the loving place I was looking for. But now that I look back, what I really needed was a place like Mariposa. A flexible place (like KinderCare) run by a loving family (benefit of a private day care). I feel very lucky to have found such a place for my daughter and our family.

 Barbara (the infant and toddler room teacher) is a really sweet young woman and I know my daughter has a lot of fun with her. They play a lot of games, read books, sing songs, and are very engaged with all the children. What I think is really great is that Cenia and Victoria are also very involved. All three of them are always actively participating with all the children. And Jose is such a great guy and the kids love him! When he isn't busy administering Mariposa, he is right down on the floor with the kids playing, instructing them by repetition and reading them stories.

 I'm trying to think if there's something I don't like, but to be honest with you, I can't come up with one thing! They are even helping to potty train my daughter. The staff at Mariposa are super heroes in my book. I recommend you enroll your son into this wonderful learning and loving environment without any reservations. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my daughter's life so far!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I am very happy to speak with you.

Best Regards,


Little Boy

Dear Parent,

 Nine months ago, we were desperate for child-care services. We had left our previous provider because we did not feel our son was being intellectually and physically nurtured. Finally, we stumbled upon Mariposa Child Care Center. Though we had not much considered the idea of a bi-lingual daycare as we are not bilingual, we were very much interested by the idea. But more importantly, we were won over by Mariposa Child Care Center.

 Mariposa is a center based daycare with the feel of a family daycare, a home away from home for our son. From that initial meeting, it was quite clear that they truly cared about children, and that they cared about our child. Their background in child education is truly impressive. Not a day goes by without our son mentioning the teachers and his classmates. And we love hearing our son speaking and understanding Spanish at the daycare and then using it at home with us. Our son has grown and developed in ways that we never expected to witness at such an early age of 2. We can truly thank Mariposa Child Care Center for much of this. Our son has learned everything from manners, self-esteem, health habits, to numbers, letters shapes, music, and dace to name just a few. We have watched him master life enhancement skills while at Mariposa such as sharing, patience, understanding and love. As parents we are impressed with the level of creativity in the program. The children are always involved in fun activities when we drop in, arts, and crafts, singing, dancing, outdoor play. Mariposa even has scheduled outings to a local library and playground even though they have a beautiful outdoor space at the center.

 Mariposa is unique in that it also provides for the whole family not only the child. We have been privileged to attend workshops for parents, centered on issues such as when/how to discipline your child, special education in early childhood schools, and bi-lingual education. As first time parents, Mariposa Child Care Center has given us a place to discuss issues that rise regarding our child’s development without ever judging our making us feel uncomfortable. They say “it takes a village to raise a child.” For us, Mariposa Child Care Center is that bright, shining village.

Best Regards,

T.P. & G. H.

Dear Friend,

We have had two daughters at Mariposa.  We immediately noticed that they were excited to go to school there each day.  At home, they talk about the teachers and other students frequently.  The teachers have done an excellent job with their education, providing challenging homework individually created for each student.   They provide regular updates of each child’s skill development and learning.  We are very fortunate to have had a great experience at Mariposa; our girls will be better off because of them.

Little Girls in a Field of Flowers

 Just after we moved, our youngest had to have cataract eye surgery. The teachers at Mariposa were very flexible with frequent doctor
appointments, and they helped her to wear an eye patch during the day. Their flexibility and assistance made a stressful process much
easier for all of us. We would recommend Mariposa to anyone.

Thank you Mariposa Family,

J. C. and N. C.

Baby Boy

Dear Jose and Cenia,

 Thank you so much for the work you do to make Mariposa the magical place it is! We are so lucky that our children have the opportunity to work with such wonderful teachers each day. Our children are blossoming! They are curious, happy, engaged and loving school.

 Your commitment to caring for them has amazed us because we know is not easy. We cannot express how gracious you are in helping us to give them a school experience.

Thank you for your spirit and dedication.

T.F. and B.F.

Dear Teachers at Mariposa,

 Thank you all for helping my child to grow and thrive. Seeing how happy he is and how much he is learning every day makes us feel proud of him and we know that Mariposa is the perfect place for him. He loves all of his teachers and we are so appreciative of the communication and support we receive! Thank you for all of your hard work every single day!

L. W.

Newborn Baby

Little Boy and Girl

Dear Jose and Cenia,

 To all the Tias at Mariposa: A big Thank you from our family. We appreciate all the love, care and attention you give both of our children. You are all definitely part of our extended family and play a very important role in their lives. And for that, we are very grateful.
Un abrazo bien grande from our family.

J. V. and M. G.